Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Victoria Harbour Hen House

Barbed Wire Pretty
Harbour Hen House
Look what we made !
Look what we made ! 
You might ask what is it? 
Well it's a display piece for our local Food Town grocery store, to go up over the egg and milk counters.
The coup is made from recycled barn board and chicken wire, 
the chickens my husband cut out for me on his band-saw and I painted them.
What fun we had ! 
Next we are going to make a cow.....wont that be fun?

There' s Bess, Gert , Hattie and Mert but Maud wouldn't sit down to get her picture took.
Some things I made to make the display look less stranded.
Now doesn't that look better?

Our other display, up over the vegetable section, with cocky Mr. Red Rooster showing off, as usual. 
  This is my dilemma, will Mr. Rooster  find his way ,over to the other side of the store at night, when there is no one around and be up to no good? How would it look, if all of a sudden, the Foodland staff are greeted in the morning with a flock of baby chicks? Could we be held responsible for any mess they might make? It doesn't bare thinking about, does it ?

It sure makes life interesting, to say the least.

Our latest display over the meat department.

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Hi Ladies!!!
It's Cindy from Cottage Remnant....I have hijacked my moms blog so I can post her their
wonderful chicken coop.



  1. Fantastic! Sounds like it was a fun family art adventure. Can't wait to see the cow!

  2. WOW, that is awesome, over the top!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Wonderful! I would love some of those chickens to put amongst my plants on my stoep!!

  4. it's stunning! i bet it's a hit with the shoppers!! great entry :)


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