Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mysteries in My Garden

Mysteries in My Garden

There are mysteries in my garden,
Some I'd like to share;
Of fairies in white dresses,
With flowers in their hair.

They have landed on my Hostas ,
And are dancing there with glee;
Totally enjoying their life,
Unconcerned with me.

A humming bird stopped by,
To investigate the scene;
But they just ignored him,
I'm sure he thought them mean.

There was a saint in the lilies,
Not looking very kind;
So I looked around the garden,
What else might I find?

The elf guarding the drinking rock,
Appeared harmless to me;
So I decided to keep on looking.
What was behind that tree?

Then I found a memory,
Hidden behind some bushes there;
Of five little granbabies,
I use to try and scare.

On our pile of big boulders,
They all loved to climb;
So I told them there was an old elf,
Who thought it was a crime.

He said " no climbing on my boulders",
Your Grammas words are true;
These are all my rocks,
Cause I am Mr McGough.

Well the little suckers never listened,
But climbed up there anyway;
So Mr McGough is still hiding there,
To this very day.

Me relearning how to post a blog.

My lovely tablecloths 
     This is me trying to relearn how to work on this blog, that I have neglected for so long. Please [ now if I say bear doesn't that imply a big woolly animal or if I say bare, it tends to sound naked ] Don't know . So I'll just say both [ just to be on the safe side] please bear, bare with me as I stumble along. I guess you can tell I like gingham.
Now I'm going to attempt to publish this. Remember the bears and hang in there with me [ I don't mean from the trees]. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My lovely flowers

Major Event

Well hello there, friends and friends to be. I cannot believe how many visitors I have had from all over the world even when I haven't been posting anything since April.                                              We have had a major event in our lives since I last posted. We have enjoyed living in our home for fourteen years where our two daughters and their family's would visit us and we held all our holiday gatherings here. From this home we have watched our five wonderful grandbabies grow into young men and women.
We also ran a little woodworking business, taught decorative painting and operated a B&B for eight years from here, where we met great people from all over the world.
Now the truth of the matter is, our house is way too much for us to keep up so this is the Major Event for which I speak. We have sold our eleven room house to our one daughter and her husband and he is in the process of renovating our double car garage[really Cliffs woodworking shop] into a little home for us. We couldn't be more delighted, it will be all on one floor, it has large windows overlooking my back garden [where I can still play],Cliff's workshop moves indoors[no more stoking the fire before he can play] and most important we are still near our family.
God is good.
I am going to attempt to post some pictures if I can remember how and I also hope to start posting again.
Well I tried and I failed and now I will have to get Cindy to give me an update.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunbonnet-Sue Quilt

Sunbonnet-Sue Quilt 
Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

This beautiful quilt was embroidered by my late mother ( Ena " Roberts" Goobie) when she was very young. It was to be used as a bedspread and it lived for many years, probably in her trunk. It was passed along to me years later and I put it in my old trunk. Such a shame to have something so lovely hidden away.
When my husband and I opened our home as a Bed and Breakfast in the early 2000's, I asked my sister-in-law (" who is a master quilter" she would very quickly disagree with me ) to turn it into a quilt for our Lavender Room.

 As you can see she did a wonderful job and if you look closely you can see that she quilted an arbour around the lady and  birds and butterflies and flowers surrounding the arbour. The edge of the quilt is done in a lattice pattern to match the garden theme.  
 How lovely is this, the handiwork of two talented ladies, two generations apart, combined to create a thing of beauty, that will last for years to come? How blessed am I to be the keeper of such a treasure?
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