Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mysteries in My Garden

Mysteries in My Garden

There are mysteries in my garden,
Some I'd like to share;
Of fairies in white dresses,
With flowers in their hair.

They have landed on my Hostas ,
And are dancing there with glee;
Totally enjoying their life,
Unconcerned with me.

A humming bird stopped by,
To investigate the scene;
But they just ignored him,
I'm sure he thought them mean.

There was a saint in the lilies,
Not looking very kind;
So I looked around the garden,
What else might I find?

The elf guarding the drinking rock,
Appeared harmless to me;
So I decided to keep on looking.
What was behind that tree?

Then I found a memory,
Hidden behind some bushes there;
Of five little granbabies,
I use to try and scare.

On our pile of big boulders,
They all loved to climb;
So I told them there was an old elf,
Who thought it was a crime.

He said " no climbing on my boulders",
Your Grammas words are true;
These are all my rocks,
Cause I am Mr McGough.

Well the little suckers never listened,
But climbed up there anyway;
So Mr McGough is still hiding there,
To this very day.

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